• Leave your worries on the ground

    With a breath-taking hot air balloon ride.

  • Bring your friends along

    What better way to celebrate

  • Capture your ballooning experience

    You'll see things from a new perspective.


Allows residents of the area the opportunity to fly above the city and create an experience they will always treasure. We offer hot air balloon rides for groups and individuals.

Meant for larger groups,

the shared balloon ride is perfect as a celebratory trip into the skies for a Birthday or Graduation party. The basket is filled to near capacity and a group is shuttled into the sky. Individuals can join a shared balloon ride with strangers and become friends by the time the balloon lands.

We're ready for you!

Create a memory to last a lifetime with our Balloonible Atlanta balloon rides, led by experienced professionals.
Call 1-850-972-8777 and reserve your spot in the clouds today.